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Moving day

The Jetstream is MOVING to Monday Nights! AND it's getting a face lift. Now I will be on air from 10 to midnight on Mondays hosting a new show called

The Rhythm Section Want Ads

new music from across the spectrum of  emerging artists. Hear mashups, turntablism, dub,  punk, garage disco dancehall, electro indie...Who needs labels! Good New UpBeat Music!

Um, Hi from up here...Hey where am I?

Apparently I have a blog. In addition to my radio show. I hope you are reading this because you listen to the Jet Stream on WERU radio. Anyway, I am testing this out, and trying to think of clever things to say but having exhausted all my cleverness on Facebook today I have to eat a sandwich, and take a nap, recharge the battery, y'know? I will be issuing a series of music reviews here on, specifically LOCAL music, so if you know about some great new talent I should be listening to hit me up on, till then See you on the radio...


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