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Graham Nash & Scott Camil

When I finished Front Porch Folk on June 1st with the song "Oh Camil" by Graham Nash, I received a phone call from an on-line listener in Gainesville Florida who knew scott Camil and filled me in on the story.  Scott Camil is a Vietnam Vet and one of the 'Gainesvile Eight.'  The song is a brief story oh his life.  (Check out Scott Camil on wikipedia)  Thanks for the call!  I love to get more background on the songs I play.


Loafers Glory

We will continue to rebroadcasts episodes of 'Loafers Glory' with Utah Phillips on the fifth Tuesday of a month that has one in place of the regular Front Porch Folk.   Listener feedback is always appreciated.  Now that Utah's son, Duncan, is making Loafers Glory shows available on the Long Memory Project web site ( ) we will try to air shows from our archives that are not yet available.  

There is  some thought of airing excerpts or individual skits from some of the Loafers Glory programs, similar to Utah's CDs we have in the WERU library.  Let us know what you would like to hear. 

...And don't forget to check out the Playlists for Front Porch Folk!   The Loafers Glory web link is listed there as well.

Thank you!


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