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Featured Artist of the Week: Johnny Reed

Johnny Reed has been compared to Pink, The Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash, Pink Floyd.  Johnny has two releases as writer / front man for the hard rock group Rawk Dawg – 2002’s Rock with An Attitude and 2004’s We Only Came to Rock.  Following the same production technique as the Beatles, Johnny Reed’s music follows a flow.  The ten tracks on Johnny Reed Show each tell their story.  The style and content makes the album an anomaly, during which there is no eye to follow.

Performing under alteregos (Evan Chuley on bass, Justin Case on guitar, and Mia Ana on drums) thesealbums by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Reed supply all of the instrumentals, vocals, and engineering. The effort and workload poured into the album puts Reed striving for the forefront of the do-it-yourself musician movement. 

Intended to showcase his talents and promote his musical direction, the Johnny Reed Show is a rock album with story songs of life.  It is also a testament to his knack for storytelling and ability to engineer & produce a set of instrumental arrangements. While each track is Reed’s, each one takes its avenue and possesses a sound. 

Recorded at the Music Room Studio in Redondo Beach, the ten tracks were sequenced as a complete album listening experience, from the Beatle-ish “Take another Road”, to the ending track, a Pink Floyd-ish "It’s Gonna Be Alright". The album's artwork, illustrated by Reed, demonstrates his humor and gives you a hint of what is going on inside the artist. Using instruments like a 1965 Fender Telecaster, 1965 Ludwig Drums & Takamine twelve-string guitar, each of the song's sounds come to create a reflection of Reed’s propensity toward his artistic expressions. 

Johnny likes the artists Katy Perry, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Lady Gaga.  Johnny was writing in the studio and flowing with inspiration as it came with songs on love, social issues…      whatever inspired him.  The songs show the influence of Beyonce & Bruno Mars.

The Voice of King Kong!

Here’s something you probably never knew. California rock artist Johnny Reed, whose latest release "ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show" that has be climbing up the radio charts and receiving critical acclaim in the press, was also a part of Oscar winning director Peter Jackson’s 2005 film “King Kong”. Unlike fellow musician Jack Black, who had an on screen roll in the production, Johnny Reed, through his Music Room Productions studios created and produced the sound designs for the voice of none other than King Kong himself that Universal Pictures used for their line of King Kong toys and ringtones.

Not only did Johnny Reed come up with the Skull Island ape’s voice but also those of the various T-Rexes, raptors, brontosaurs, and swamp beasts that appeared in the movie. So those screeches, roars, growls and screams emanating from those toys and ringtones is actually the voice of the ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show’s soft spoken singer. How cool is that?

The opening of the Universal Studios King Kong Attraction of course renewed interest and re-release of King Kong ringtones, which wisely enough, Reed maintains the exclusive copyright to. The sounds of the toys and ringtones were created by utilizing clever multi-tracking in the studio along with a few other well guarded sound engineer and gaffer tricks.

Rock musicians getting into some monkey business every now and then is not completely unheard of in the entertainment world, but in Johnny’s case, he takes it to a whole new level! 


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