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Morning Maine Featured Artist of the Week: Hilton Park

A father, a son and a family friend who started writing and performing their music together just for fun, have become the band the Boston Examiner says has “reinvented acoustic”.

Hailing from Southern Maine, award winning Acoustic Roots trio HILTON PARK continue to share their unique blend of timeless tales and soulful Blood Harmony with audiences young and old. Hilton Park is finding that in an industry where individual talent often goes unnoticed, family unity and harmony can prevail.

Hilton Park began in the Spring of 2013, as a fun bonding project for father and son Bruce and Conor Hilton. When friends and family started commenting on the ethereal blend of their voices, they decided to record a few songs and find an audience. Adding Gregg Pannier’s piano and voice to the mix, the unique flavor that is Hilton Park took shape. Their first CD, “Greener Grass”, was called “one of the best sounding releases of the year” by Seacoast Online, and led to a 2014 New England Music Award nomination. 

Hilton Park is known in the Northeastern U.S. for earthy, emotionally expressive and superbly crafted Americana, Folk & Blues. The Third Half says, ““Hilton Park is about as New England as clam chowder and flour biscuits… rootsy folk that imparts an old time feel in brand new songs. A listener would undoubtedly imagine themselves comfortably on an old front porch, right next to this dynamic trio”. Two albums and 3 New England Music Award nominations later (including the win in 2015 for “Best In State: Maine”), Hilton Park continues to weave stories into instantly classic melodies and lyrics that are as unforgettable as the ‘stick in your head’ songs from the peak era of beloved songwriters like Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Band, but with modern insight for today’s audience. Every song tells a story, and there’s a story behind every song.

This quote from a live review echoes what folks all over are saying about Hilton Park; ”They are the folks next door who just happen to be virtuoso musicians, styling traditional folk/country instruments with fresh and original tunes. But the biggest treat may be the vocal harmonies. Our audience was enthralled. Edge of our seats, truly.”


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