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Online Listening Notes

WERU offers an array of listening options online.

  • Live Stream - You can access our live stream by clicking the play button in header of this page or by following the links to our low-bandwith (24K) or high-bandwidth (128K) streams that will download and play on whatever audio player you have installed on your computer. You can also use our players in this site at
  • On-Demand Stream of All Shows From the Past Two Weeks - You can stream on-demand any show broadcast in the past two weeks. You view the list of shows here, or just pick your favorite shows from our program schedule. Note there is a five-hour delay from when a show is broadcast and when it appears in our on-demand stream archives.
  • Local Public Affairs Audio Archives (Podcasts) - We have several years of archives of all our locally produced public affairs programs at For these programs we provide live streaming & download (podcasts).
  • There are smart phone and tablet apps (like the Public Radio Tuner for iPhones and Tunein Radio for Androids and iPhones).
  • There are also relatively affordable WiFi and Internet radio options that you can have anywhere in your home just like an FM radio. Type “WiFi Radio” or “Internet Radio” into your browser and any number of options will come up. Also, there are devices for under $50 that plug into your computer’s headphone jack or USB port that send an FM signal throughout your home, thus allowing your regular FM radios to receive and play WERU’s streaming audio. Type “computer FM transmitter” into your browser.


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