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  • Saturday 10-11am
Children's/Family Programming


WERU Family Radio Hour (produced locally) is a one hour program feturing children's music and more with WERU host Scot Cannon.

Scot is a talented mime, a gifted musician, and a dedicated educator who's been teaching and inspiring young people for over 30 years. Scot moved to Belfast, ME from Massachusetts seven years ago and is not going back. He was a music teacher in Brockton, MA for 12 years. He left teaching 25 years ago to be able to work with kids on his own terms. Scot's work with bullying and self-esteem issues comes as a natural out growth of his years of teaching and entertaining. He has found that sharing his own experiences with  his speech problems, and the struggle to be accepted strikes a universal chord in his audiences and results in programs that speak to both minds and hearts. Scot also does song-writing residencies throughout New England. In his WERU Family Radio Hour Scot  showcases children with wonderful talents as well as children that do impressive things. You will also hear children's singers, authors and poets. Let's not forget original radio theater and of course music for the whole family.

Imagination Station (national syndicated show) is a one hour program where the 1st half hour is selected children's music from the WERU music library and the second half hour is geared towards parents and children. Composed of songs, music, poetry, jokes, radio theater and developmental exercises produced from fellow community radio station KSVR.

Second half hour Hosted by Laura Hale 360- 715-3727 from KSVR

As a child development Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, Laura Hale has always utilized PLAY as the main ‘occupation’ of childhood. Neurological development, sensory processing , social interaction skills and adapted techniques are foundational to her therapy services, lectures, and publications  Imagination Station is meant to create a multisensory, physical movement and mental gymnastics experience for all children. Laura is an advocate and community outreach warrior for children and adults with special needs. An opportunity as substitute talk show - host lead to an invitation to prepare and present a Weekly Child Development segment for the morning show (KGMI, Bellingham, WA). The Development of "Imagination Station" as writer, host & actor was her next step to moving material helpful to children with special needs and all children into the public eye. Some of Laura’s work on Autism, C.P., Down’s Syndrome, Sensory Defensiveness, gross motor and fine motor development, Toileting Skills, Delinquency, Adapting therapy activities to the classroom, Recreational Facility Accommodation, Sexual Reactivity in Youth have been presented at numerous professional conferences and published in the AJOT SI Newsletter. She was technical editor for S. I. Focus magazine. She served on the Board of the Interagency Coordinating Council.



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