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"Baby Talk," which airs on the third Thursday of each month from 10 to 11 a.m., features interviews on a wide variety of topics centering on pregnancy, infants, and young children.  The host is Cathy Jacobs, director of Maine Families: Hancock County, a home visiting program at Downeast Health Services. 

If you're not able to listen on Thursday mornings, former programs since 2005 can be listened to at our audio archives website. You can then choose the date and topic that you wish to listen to.

Former "Baby Talk" topics include the effects of trauma on infants and toddlers, parenting in transracial families, hypnobirthing, the role of midwives and doulas, and using music with babies and young children.

For more information please contact Cathy Jacobs at 207-667-5304, ext.225 or by email at


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