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FRONT PORCH FOLK w/ Preddie & Charlie Pugh

  • Sunday 6-7am
  • Tuesday 9-10am

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Front Porch Folk brings you a great mix of old and new songs, especially those with historically, socially, or politically significant lyrics.   Most of the songs on the program still come from older LP albums (vinyl).   Let us know what you like!    We love getting phone calls, especially from listeners who can help us learn more about the artists played on the show.

Phreddi will be doing Front Porch Folk on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and on the Sunday that follows, usually with a re-broadcast on Sunday of an earlier program.   On the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, and the Suhday that follows, Front Porch Folk co-host, Charlie Pugh, will be in the chair bringing his great experience and music collection.  Charlie will often be live on Sunday morning.

Rebroadcasts of "Loafers Glory, the Hobo Jungle of the Mind" with the late Utah Phillips will continue on the fifth Tuesdays of months that have one, and at other times when a pre-recorded show is needed.  The Loafers Glory web pages have all the programs!  Follow the above link..

Front Porch Folk Programmers:    Charlie Pugh and Phreddi (aka Ralph Grimes)


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