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HIGHWAY 61 w/ Doc Dufour

  • Friday 9-10am
All Things Dylan


The World According to Dylan:

A true artist, Bob Dylan has been a singular voice in the American music scene for half a century.  WERU's Highway 61 - The Dylan Hour is THE venue to be a witness to his legend.  As the program host, I generally play tracks that would probably never be heard on commercial stations.  I particularly, although certainly not exclusively, enjoy playiing alternate cuts of songs, out-takes (songs that were recorded but not placed on a given album), live recordings of songs (many times rearranged, as he often does), obscure cuts from obscure releases, and rarities from various collections.  Peppered in are facts and my personal thoughts and perspectives.  You'll hear Dylan country, gospel, blues, soft rock, hard rock, folk, bluegrass, and yes, even jazz (only one, but alas, it is undeniably Dylan doing jazz).

About halfway through the hour long program, I often include a guest appearance; another artist performing a Dylan song, or a song where Dylan is accompanying another artist, or one of Dylan's contemporaries who's recently released a new album, etc.  You get the picture.  My personal collection is rather extensive, so I like to dig into "the vault" and dust off some pretty obscure Dylan songs that have probably never had airplay except on my show.

I think of it as an educational experience; I hope you do, too.

Tune in and I hope you enjoy the program.

Charlie "Doc" Dufour


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