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19th Annual Homelessness Marathon - January 19

The Homelessness Marathon Background:

WMPG, Southern Maine’s Community Radio at the University of  Southern Maine, will host the 19th Annual Homelessness Marathon Radio Broadcast. Each year the program travels to a different  American city and hears from the countries homeless and poorest people.

The national program was founded in 1998 and has grown to over a hundred radio affiliates broadcasting across the United States plus a daughter broadcast, the Canadian Homelessness Marathon, airing on stations all across Canada.

The 19th Annual Homelessness Marathon will be a live four-hour radio broadcast, airing from 7-11 p.m., EST, on Thursday, January 19th - the eve of the inauguration! As always, the Marathon will feature the voices of desperately poor and homeless people. This year, we'll be joined by representatives from the Preble Street Resource Center along with other area homelessness advocates. We will be asking them one question above all: “What would you like to tell the incoming president?"

According to Homelessness Marathon director, Jeremy Weir Alderson, "This isn’t just about Donald Trump. We've been doing this since Bill Clinton was in office." This year that mission will be facilitated by a network of correspondents; offering microphones to homeless people across the country. WMPG is part of the University of Southern Maine and is pleased to host the broadcast. WMPG Station Manager Jim Rand says “WMPG is committed to giving under represented groups a voice at the table, and having homeless people tell their stories to listeners across the country on this national radio broadcast is important. We’ve proudly aired the Homelessness Marathon for the past 13 years.”

The 19th Annual Homelessness Marathon; a four-hour radio broadcast, airing from 7-11 p.m., EST, on January 19th. 


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