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Birthday Greetings From Friends of WERU




Greetings from Palo Alto!  My wife and I moved from Maine to just outside San 

Francisco about four years ago and we brought WERU with us.  I stream it 

every day at work and particularly enjoy On The Wing and the selection of 

programming which follows it on weekdays.  I volunteered at the station for a 

couple years back in the 90s and was fortunate enough to meet many of the 

fine people who helped make the station what it was - and is!  Happy 

Birthday, keep up the good work and GREAT programming.




Happy HaPpY BiRtHdAy to WERU!

Greetings from Holly & Pip and we LOVE WERU!

We've been listening for seven years and I think the best part of the station is the wide variety ... something for everyone! (Of course, my favorite show is .... The Junk Drawer!)

Yes, you guys/weru is the happy place!!!


Happy Birthday WERU!

I am in Boston... streaming live from my desk at work.... with headphones on and volume cranked! 

Though I have many stations available, NPR and WERU are my stations of choice. I have been listening to WERU since Fritz started and have been a huge fan of the station ever since.

So, Happy Birthday... keep up the great work and thanks for ruling the airwaves!!!

Laura in Boston


Can't call in but wanted to know WERU and all its supporters are in my thoughts. Around the run up to the Afghanistan invasion, I remember when my daughter told me about a community radio station where I could hear alternative news and opinion.   I was hooked from the start and my only regret is not knowing about it sooner as my life would surely have been richer.  Thank you WERU for giving me what no other media source has or will.

Grateful listener, Starr


I’ve been listening to you for 10 years.  Ever since I came to Flye Point in Brookin ME.  We’ve been back every year and I stream you in here in North Carolina every day.



WERU People

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