You are hereWERU's Pat Fowler Named National Federation of Community Broadcasters' Volunteer of the Year for 2017!

WERU's Pat Fowler Named National Federation of Community Broadcasters' Volunteer of the Year for 2017!

Pat Fowler's Statement in Response to Her Selection as NFCB Volunteer of the Year for 2017:

What an amazing reward—a national award for something which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s just as astounding to be singled out within the WERU community where so many people give so much time, work and thoughtful caring.  I can think of a dozen WERU volunteers behind the scenes worthy of such recognition.  In my case I guess persistence and longevity paid off—no age bias in community radio!

As George and I move to a new home, even though it means moving away from our beloved WERU, I can’t help thinking “Wow!  This will look great on my resume as I look for volunteer work in the Hanover community!” 


Excerpt from Nomination Statement Submitted to NFCB by Matt Murphy, WERU General Manager:

On this May 1st, the 29th Anniversary of WERU Community Radio in Maine, it is my great pleasure to nominate volunteer extraordinaire Pat Fowler as NFCB Volunteer of the Year for 2017.  The body of work that Pat has done over the years has truly made her an essential volunteer for the entire life of our radio station, having done an array of behind the scenes jobs that contributed tremendously to the success of the organization.  And now, after volunteering for all 29 years of the radio station, Pat (and her husband, George, a volunteer music programmer on WERU for all those years as well) is moving away from Maine this month and thus retiring from her wonderful work as a WERU Volunteer.

Over the years Pat has chaired several fundraising auctions (including the “Farm Fresh Auction” which highlighted local farmers and food producers), coordinated our Book Sale Barn for many years the Full Circle Summer Fair, answered pledge phones and fundraised on the air during dozens of pledge drives, fundraised for capital projects, helped with office work, and served as a music department librarian (Pat is a retired librarian).  Pat has truly been a volunteer that we’ve counted on for almost three decades to keep WERU running strong!


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