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Live Stream Currently Out

 Many apologies to our loyal listeners who tune in to WERU by streaming but can't hear us right now.  It's not about you, it's about us.  Our stream is currently down due to a hardware problem here at the station which we hope to have remedied by Monday. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.   Read more »



WERU is Now Accepting Applications for Membership on our Community Advisory Board (10/3/11)

We currently have room for new members on our Community Advisory Board (CAB).  The CAB is a body established by the WERU Board of Directors to assist the station in being more responsive to the community.  The CAB provides feedback on programming and station activities to supplement that which we already receive on a regular basis from our listeners.  CAB input is used by WERU volunteer programmers, station staff and the Board of Directors to inform decision-making regarding programming and other activities.  CAB members are appointed by the Board of Directors with the intent that the group is reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station.  One-year terms can be renewed from year-to-year.  The CAB is a strictly advisory body and is not authorized to create or change programming or station policy.  The CAB meets with the Board of Directors as a group once per year and then in smaller group meetings with listeners throughout the year.

 If you are interested in being considered for the Community Advisorty Board please email with two or three paragraphs about yourself and why you think you would be an asset to WERU in this capacity.  Please include the town in which you reside and what most interests you about WERU.   Read more »

WERU Mission Statement & Operating Principles

Mission Statement:

WERU Community Radio is an independent, noncommercial, educational media organization.  Our mission is to engage with the community to provide diverse music, entertainment and alternative news and public affairs programming, with emphasis on local people, issues and cultures.


Operating Principles:

1.     Our motto is to be a “voice of many voices” by offering a wide variety of people opportunities to share their experiences, concerns and perspectives with their neighbors over the airwaves and Internet.

2.     We are committed to and celebrate listener support as an essential element of our financial sustainability.

3.     We are committed to and celebrate volunteerism as an essential element of the organization’s operations, both broadcast and non-broadcast.

4.     We provide programming intended to serve the needs of local people not fully served by mainstream corporate media.

5.     We offer programming that is intended to support healthy, informed and vibrant communities.

6.     We provide alternative informational programming with high journalistic standards.

7.     We seek diversity in our programming.

8.     In addition to local programming we provide national and international programming intended to connect the community with the wider world.

9.     We assess our service to the community based on evaluations by our Program Advisory Committee, audience research and feedback, and our collective years of broadcast experience.

10.We are accessible, responsive and engaged with our audience and the wider community.

11.We build constructive relationships with other organizations that support and enrich the community.

12.We practice responsible stewardship of the organization’s resources, carefully adhering to our legal and ethical responsibilities.

13.We practice responsible and transparent governance of the organization.

14.We operate according to both the letter and spirit of the FCC laws governing non-commercial broadcasting and the IRS laws for not-for-profit organizations.

15.We utilize our mission statement and operating principles to guide the creation of our programming and strategic goals.


The bylaws of Salt Pond Community Broadcast / WERU are available upon request.  Email

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Audio Test

Audio Test



Development Manager Position Openning - Applications Invited

WERU has an opening for the position of Development Manager.  The Development Manager is responsible for fundraising from the local business community and coordinating general marketing and promotion, on-air pledge drives and station treach events.  For more information call 469-6600 ASAP and ask for Matt Murphy, General Manager, or email ASAP.

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