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WERU's CMJ Top Played Albums

WERU sends weekly reports of our top played albums to the College Music Journal, commonly known as CMJ. CMJ is a music events/publishing company that publishes top 30 lists sent by stations around the counrty. These lists are also sent to record companies and their public relations and publicity representatives as well as record stores.

Below are our recent top album reports for recent weeks.

As of November 22, 2017

1 Crown Vics

2 Larkin Poe

3 Lee Ann Womack Read more »

As of June 21

1. William Tyler

2. Paul Simon

3. Beth Orton

As of May 31

1. Bonnie Raitt

2. The Pines

3. Andrew Bird

As of October 6

1. Yo La Tengo

2. Kevin A. Libby

3. Patty Griffin

As of September 1

1. Velocipede

2. Loose Cannon Jug Band

3. Ana Egge

As of August 25

1. Amy Helm

2. Waifs

3. Ana Egge

As of August 18

1. Waifs

2. Elephant Revival

3. Amy Helm

As of August 11

1. Velocipede

2. Amy Helm

3. Elephant Revival

As of August 4

1. Elephant Revival

2. Kasey Chambers

3. Chris Ross and The North

As of July 28

1. Vishten

2. Dar Williams

3. Della Mae


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