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Volunteer Spotlight: Lady NOLA

2. How did you first get involved at WERU and what was your motivation?

Aside from being an avid listener for many years, I got involved in a roundabout way.  My husband is one of the hosts of Reggae Reprieve and has been for many years now (Prince I Gwaan).  I would go in with him to the station here and there over the years and really enjoyed the community here." I also became very good friends with Sarah Jane, who started the Second Line show.  When she told me that she was heading back down South and the show would need a new host, I knew instantly that I wanted to keep that sound alive. So I jumped right in and started my volunteer training."

3. Why do you think WERU is important and valuable to the community?

"It is a space where the people can come together through music and events and share what’s going on in the community.  These days especially, it is really nice to turn on the radio and hear something a little less zany coming from the other end.  Plus it introduces me to music I might not otherwise hear anywhere else."

4. What are you passionate about in your life and/or community?

"As an artist, I am always on the hunt for the peculiar.  I love seeing the world around me in different ways, and contribute to it via painting and organic gardening.  The New Orleansian in me loves to eat delicious food, while the Mainer in me loves to cultivate and harvest it fresh from the garden."

5. What do you like to read?

"I love reading non-fiction and historical fiction.  I also really enjoy reading about other artist’s techniques and their biographies."

6. What are your favorite genres and artists to listen to?

"I love anything that makes me feel like dancing.  Ever since I was young, my home has always been filled with all types of music.  As I have grown, my taste in music has expanded, which often leads me back to WERU.  It’s really the only place where I can hear so much diversity on a regular basis."

6. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our listeners and readers?

"I’m originally from New Orleans and get a chance to visit as often as I can.  The music from there makes me feel alive.  I love taking requests, so don’t be shy!"


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