Spirit of Winter in Midcoast Maine... Including WERU!

Every winter we like to remind people of this great short film by Chris Lehmann that he produced in 2013, Spirit of Winter in Midcoast Maine.  The film features WERU as an audio and community fixture of the region, a way to mark the segments of the day in a warm sounding way.  Thanks to Chris for including WERU in his film and we hope everyone takes a look! Read more »

From Conflict to Connection: March 21-22

Want to learn how to resolve conflicts more skillfully? How to be sensitive to others while still meeting your own needs? How to have easier and deeper relationships?

You can do all this and support WERU Community Radio on Saturday and Sunday March 21 - 22, 9:00-4:00 when Peggy Smith will offer an introductory workshop in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) called From Conflict to Connection: An Introduction to the Basics of Nonviolent Communication. The weekend-long training is a fundraiser for WERU and will be held at the Bagaduce Music Lending Library's gathering space at 49 South Street in Blue Hill.

This two-day fundraising workshop is a $140 value, but Peggy is offering it for whatever donation participants can afford. All proceeds after expenses go to WERU.

Preregistration at Open Communication is strongly recommended. For information, please contact Smith at 207-789-5299 or peggy@opencommunication.org. Read more »

New Music Program - The Dark Side of the Tune

Are you afraid? Perhaps you should be…

Follow Immortus X, every Wednesday night 10:00 - midnight, on truly twisted trips DOWN into the gaping jaws of the rock & roll abyss that is The Dark Side of the Tune.

"Embrace your trepidation my child. Travel bravely beneath the tentacled horrors of the Hellish unknown!  Take my hand and step through these blackened, unholy gates into a darker, more disturbing dimension…  It is the music you were warned about."  

It's WERU... something for almost everyone! Read more »

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For updates on WERU programming, events, and more, sign-up for our new electronic communication, the e-WERU.  Just visit the sign-up section on the bottom right of this page, enter your e-mail address and click "subscribe." Read more »

Make WERU a Part of Your Legacy

Since 1988, WERU has brought you programming that’s informative, inspiring and entertaining. Over the years, you’ve listened with us, shared with us, and grown with us. Heard the latest news and music from your community and your world, and helped fund that programming with your generous contributions. You’ve made an impact, and now you can make a lasting one. By making a planned gift to WERU, you help ensure that Community Radio will be heard in your region by generations to come. Find more information about planned giving opportunities with WERU here or call General Manager Matt Murphy at 207-469-6600. Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Jay Peterson

We asked Jay Peterson a number of questions so that listeners can get to know him a bit better. Jay is the engaging and knowledgeable host of our Friday afternoon, 2:00-4:00 program on WERU, The Rhythm Ranch.  Here’s what he had to say for himself:

“I moved to Maine in the winter of 2002, and the family followed in March. I started at WERU in the fall of '02 as part of the rotation on the Saturday Morning Coffeehouse, then moved into the Come Sunday rotation, and then to The Rhythm Ranch is '05 or so. I think I have been on the air on almost every day of the week! February 6 marked the 500th edition of The Rhythm Ranch."   Read more »

Musician Interview: Uncle Tan

By DJ Knix (The Knix Mix, Friday nights 10-12):  The Knix Mix is privileged to be the first English interview ever for Finnish electronic pop artist Uncle Tan.  Uncle Tan hails from Tampere, Finland, a large inland city located in Southern Finland. Uncle Tan describes Finland as a "beautiful and inspiring" country.  I know I'd love to visit! Musically, Uncle Tan draws inspiration from artists like Moby, M83, Röyksopp and "countless" others.  "Positivity, good hooks and innovativeness are my trademarks," says Uncle Tan.  He has been working as a solo artist since 2011 and previously worked as an composer for dancehall reggae artist Lord Est.   Read more »


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