Life as a Student Intern at WERU

By Max Eddington

Over the past several months, beginning in January of this year, I have been a student intern at WERU Community Radio.  I am a senior at College of the Atlantic, set to graduate in June.  I’d like to tell you about my experience.

Soon after arriving at the station, Program and Operations Manager Joel Mann taught me how to produce the 5:00 pm weather report. He was very encouraging: “If you can do the weather, you can do anything.”   Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Elena Chiri

"In January I sat down to talk with WERU programmer Sara Elena Chiri about her music and her thoughts, concerning everything from station affiliation to what makes life meaningful. What resulted was a poetic testament to the power of music and voices. Sara Elena is one of the hosts of Gracias a la Vida (Saturdays 11am-1pm)." The other volunteer hosts are Susana Diaz, Luz Mary Kogson, Cheo and William Ryan. ~ Max Eddington, WERU Intern (College of the Atlantic)

"Gracias a la Vida is a show where we try to make a mixture of the Latin rhythms. It doesn’t need to be salsa only, which is the most famous and popular around, I know that. We play different types of styles, like the music everywhere: cumbia, meringue, romantic music." ~ Sara Elena  Read more »


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