Live from the American Folk Festival - August 27-28!

WERU Community Radio will once again broadcast live from the American Folk Festival (August 26-28) on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28.  We'll have great live performances from the Railroad Stage. You'll hear from WERU volunteers and staff doing interviews and sharing information about the radio station.  We'll also have a booth right adjacent to the entrance to the Railroad Stage for you to stop by, say hi to some WERU folks and buy a station Tshirt and hat.  Tune in if you can't make it to the festival and stop on by if you're there - we'd love to meet you!  And remember, this broadcast, as is everything on WERU, is made possible by listener support!  Thank you! Read more »

Sing Out the Summer Campfire Sing-Along - August 31

The Sing Out the Summer Campfire Sing-Along will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 7-9 pm, presented by the Great Pound Mountain Conservation Trust and WERU Community Radio.  Come sing out the summer around a blazing campfire in the scenic Great Pond Mountain Wildlands. We’ll provide the fire and the s’mores and a few good musicians; you bring a camp chair, something to drink, a marshmallow stick, bug protection and a musical instrument, if you like. Enter the Wildlands via South Gate on Route 1 (just south of Rte. 176 intersection) and follow signs to the campfire. Drive in or hike about a mile. This is a free event. Rain Date September 1. Read more »

WERU's Lightning Strike Experience

 By Maxine Janerka, WERU Volunteer

On Saturday, July 23 around 5:40, a bolt of lightning hit the ground near WERU’s studio and offices and entered the building through the electrical service line.  Sean Gambrel, the host of High on a Mountain, was in the studio at the time.

“It was about twenty minutes before the end of my show and Kristie Billings had just arrived to prep for Daydream Nation.  I had a fiery banjo tune running and we were exchanging the usual pleasantries.  Out of nowhere, there was a POP and the station went silent,” Gambrel said. At first he and Billings didn’t know what had happened.

“Every light on the control board went dark, which was a weird thing to see since the board is generally covered with scores of lit buttons.”  Suddenly, Billings called out that the board was giving off smoke and hastily unplugged it and turned off the power.  Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeri Spurling

Jeri Spurling is the co-host of The Jazz Scene, Monday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, alternating weeks with her co-host, William Ryan.  On the program she loosely follows a musical arc that begins with jazz selections that she refers to as “upbeat and peppy,” then on to calmer tempos around dinnertime, and finishing off with “edgier, funky, or raucous jazz to blend towards the blues at 8:00.”  Jeri aims for the show to have continuity and occassionally there will a theme, but she says that “the ear trumps all requirements.  It has to flow and sound good.” Read more »


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