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  • Sunday 4-6pm

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George FowlerGeorge Fowler started the show way back when WERU was less than a year old.  He studied classical violin as a youngster but started fiddling in the late 1970s, learning tunes from lobsterman & dance fiddler Albert Collins of South Blue Hill, Maine. In 1981 he became a founding member of Oakum Bay String Band. George had a strong interest in Irish traditional music,& still plays with all kinds of folks in New England.   I'm sure he will visit once in a while as a guest on the show.   He and wife Pat moved to New Hampshire in 2017 after 29 years of volunteering for WERU.      

Kathleen lived the first half of her life in Ann Arbor Michigan.  She began volunteering for WERU in 1989 on New Potatoes just about a year after moving to Maine.   She lives in Lamoine, Maine now, working via the internet on the evening shift.

Kathleen has found a whole basket of New Potatoes.   Sheamus & Sheila, Jeff, Brian and Joe will all take a turn at lining up some great celtic music for you.  

The show will continue to feature new and old music, traditional and advant guarde celtic inspired music.   Celtic music has influenced the world, the world has influenced Celtic music.   We still have the basic instrumentation of fiddles, guitar, flutes, whistles, pipes of all kinds and accordians joining in.   However you will find brass instruments, drums of all kinds and cello insisting on being in the mix.   You'll hear celtic rock inspired music from back in the 1970's influencing the music coming out today.     The shows will be a bit more varied, as each host has free choice in what they choose to present to you.  

Please feel free to give them feedback, the studio phone is 207-469-0500.   We welcome your feedback.   The show has a facebook page  or you can get to us through WERU's facebook page


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