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New Volunteer Training


New Volunteer Orientation

Contact us at for the date and time of the next training session. 




New Volunteer Orientation Summary:

1. Context: History of Radio, Public Broadcasting, Community Radio & WERU
2. Philosophy: WERU Mission & Operating Principles
3. Governance: Organizational/Operational Structure & Decision-making Process
4. Development: WERU Budget, Fundraising & Outreach Overview
5. Programming: Schedule Overview, Programming Decision-making Process & WERU Programmer Responsibilities
6. Volunteer Training: Programming/Production Classes (sign-up) & Steps to “Getting On-the-Air” for New Volunteers
7. Volunteer Opportunities Summary (On-air & Behind-the-Scenes)

Individuals who are interested in being on the air and have attended an orientation session are then eligible for training to become a programmer (or at least to check it out).  


On-Air Volunteer Training Summary:

For DJs:

1. Audio Equipment & Software
2. Broadcast Policies & Procedures
3. Individual Practice, Shadowing & Coaching (by staff and experienced volunteers)
4. After completing training new volunteers may substitute host someone else's program &/or submit a proposal for a program of their own.

For Public Affairs Hosts and News Reporters:

  1. Individualized training in the fundamentals of community radio journalism
  2. Field recording, interviewing and audio editing (for news reporters)
  3. Observation of experienced hosts and practice hosting  (for public affairs host)

Note: All training takes place at WERU in East Orland.

Interested?  Get started by contacting

We invite you to take the training... No commitment required!


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